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I am SO hot! I was sweating just before...

Tawhai and I have the silliest conversations before sleepy time.

He was teasing me about being fat, pointing at my stomach and giggling. I replied that that was pure food digesting muscle! One large one. Haha. 
He said that you can't be fat and hot, so I was therefore, not hot.
My comeback was that I was so, soo, soo hot! I was sweating just before, dude! So you can be fat and hot! Ha!

Then he asked why no-one was gonna marry me if I was so hot. 

Well, duh, it's cos I got a smart mouth! People don't like that.
Then I showed him what having a smart mouth meant, which basically involved me lying on the bed, with middle fingers extended and saying FANGU! (cute way of saying FUCK YOU!)  loudly. 

eg."oh yeah, hey baby, doancha worry about yo son, who needs him" *lifts middle fingers* FANGU! 
"I really think you need to do this with your life, Melanie, blither blither blither"  *lifts middle fingers* FANGU! 
"Oh baby, you just need a man in your life"  *lifts middle fingers* FANGU!!!

You get the idea. Who needs that crap? We don't. We're fine by ourselves.
And, my baby boy, that's how we will live happily ever after.

There was much giggling to be had and then we watched Star Wars. 

In other news! 
This cough we caught over a week ago has been ruling our lives, both coughing up phelgm a lot, but I think I am in a worse condition than Tawhai. His asthma appears to be okay though, which is a good thing. 
I wanted to go on an overnight school holiday stay to Napier to visit our friend Julia and the National Aquarium. Unfortutnately, we woke up in such a wretched state on Sunday that I had to cancel or risk him getting worse (and ending up in hospital with his asthma, again!).  That was a bummer. 
We've passed the anniversary of that vicious life threatening asthma attack from last year (October 4th), and we have an appointment with the pediatrician at the hospital on Monday.  
Tawhai has been really good at taking his preventer inhalers this year, and I've been teaching him to 'blow and throw' his tissues away to try and stop germs from hanging around.

We're both keeping ourselves occupied, in the name of distraction. There's nothing worse than sitting in bed, being sick, to make you feel sicker. Movies, funny stories, computer games, kittehs, nice food, a lil bit of sunshine, plenty of hot milo and home made lemonade.  I've been hand sewing, trying to make new stock for the double craft markets at the end of this month, and working on commissions. So we've got the rest of the week to get ourselves better for the new school term.

I really love sitting in front of the telly making stuff. It's very relaxing.

So that's us for another week! Stay tuned for more thrilling updates from the life and times of Melanie and Tawhai... 
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