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Late night update:

  • Our watercress dinner was grand, thank you, it should make a great breakfast lunch and dinner til Friday;
  • I scored a paid commission job designing and printing shirts and have started drawing a logo up already;
  • I'm unliking pages on FB that post pictures of dead cats and/or moan about Asians;
  • Zoe Saldana is FUCKING AWESOME in Columbiana;
  • I have been experimenting with making polymer clay skulls, and they are the ugliest lil things ever. Prepare for jokes about my Fine Arts degree in Sculpture. That only I will probably find funny.
  • I am thinking about entering a toy painting charity thing in Oz
  • I didn't win lotto last week
  • I didn't win Big Wednesday last week either;
  • This has put me off buying lottery tickets (again) for a while
  • I think about food a lot.
  • But not as much as I think about BEER!
  • I would love to have some beer right now.
  • Tawhai is awesome. 
  • It's GOTHTOBER so am thinking we will have a Halloween Party. With Tawhai, food and maybe even beer!
  • This was meant to be a Facebook status update but it got too long and I hate those long status updates on Facebook.
  • I get Rosario Dawson and Zoe Saldana confused in a melting pot of awesomeness.
  • I never really know how to end these bullet point updates
  • There have been no drama llamas here recently, I am glad. 
  • Tawhai is awesome.
  • I think I might go sit on the couch now
  • Goodnight and Boomshanka
  • :D
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