Melanie (mal3ficent) wrote,

Things we've done lately

  • Stayed home because Tawhai has a cold
  • Had people over to visit
  • Went to see Batman 3 again
  • Taken Tawhai to his 3rd acting class
  • I was bitten by one of the cats
  • Almost finished a poster
  • Watched the Olympics
  • Cancelled Deathpunkfest forever
  • Gone on a "goat hunt"
  • Had another stall at Gizzy's Little Craft Market
  • Made and sold hairclips
  • Obsessed over Batman
  • Listened to lots of Motorhead
  • Had lots of fun and giggled heaps
  • Sung songs together
  • Eaten lots of nice dinners together
  • Made up stories about the cats
I think that covers the last few weeks. :)
Tags: ngeru, tawhai, whānau
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