Melanie (mal3ficent) wrote,

6/6/12 Transit of Venus day!!

It's all finished on this side of the world. I got a few good hours worth of viewing in, and saw the little black dot as it edged across the sun.  I got to share those moments with Tawhai, too. <3

I explained to him that Tane made the sun, the planets and the stars, so watching them move across they sky is like watching our older cousins move across the dance floor.  Haha. Not sure what he will make of that one.

It felt so good to feel the heat of the sun on my face too (don't worry, we had proper solar glasses on) as I stared directly into it. Bit of a midday Dawnrazor moment. Hehe.

The clouds closed in by 3pm, so then it was time to get back to throwing paint at a canvas. Thankfully the canvas did not throw it back at me! 

I was just checking out this archive of the ingress of Venus (viewed from the Northern Hemisphere, Venus moves across the top, whereas in the Southern Hemisphere, we see Venus at the bottom).

This is a wonderful mihi to the planet

"Tērā Kōpū ka mahuta ake te pae.
He rau mahara, he rau tangata kua riro ki tawhiti.
Tēnei koe te rere nei hei hoa mō Tamanui.
Nau mai, haere hei tohu ki te ao.
Rā mai huauri, rā mai huatea ki Te Puhi o Te Karaka.
E horahia atu rā ko Te Kaharoa e.
Hao ana i te ika, hao ana he tangata.
Hei mana ki uta, hei mana ki tai.
Te tahuaroa o Ūawanui".

from Te Ara o Kōpū ki Uawa 2012

Tags: whānau mārama
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