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Deathpunkfest 2011

So another Deathpunkfest went down successfully this year. Here's the review I wrote for PunkAs...I've added little bits to it.

Gisborne turned on some abysmally shit weather on the drive down to Napier on Friday afternoon. Driving through the clouds in the Whareratas, I couldn't see sweet fuck all... just as well I had the new Sticky Filth album for company. Ace driving music.

Arrived at Queen Cobra's place to find a lovely dinner waiting for me! <3

Then we went to the Cabana where I tried to drink as much as I could. We watched local act Devil's Elbow (kinda alt country, really good) and Bannerman from Auckland. Bannerman definitely have a good grasp on some Bad Seeds moments, only slightly touching on the melodrama. Enjoyed their show, it was very grown up.  Met some right dicks after the show. Meh. We went home.

Saturday arrived bright and fresh. Unfortunately I wasn't. Coffee, toast and another lie down helped and soon we were ready to do the gear and mattress mission. 
I enjoyed the sights while Julia drove. We got a crate for international crate day. 

Then some food, bit of a rest, time to get ready. Head to the gig.

Arrived at the Cabana to find BC waiting for us. Hurrah! Was given a new Black Chrome limited edition release cd, with fancy collage cover and hand painted cd labels. Love it! If you haven't heard this yet then YOU MUST.

Julia went off to get more gear, there was much setting up and Peter watching to be done... soon it got dark and then the best bit -the bands were on.

Bitchslap - CUNT ROOOOOCK! They ruled like I knew they would.

Shut the Hell Up! - so soooo good. I managed to get some pics and spazzed out to their cover of Just Flesh. Unfortunately there was no-one else on the door with me to spank my ass so I had to do it myself.

Horror Story - fuck yeah! Got some great shots of them too, bared my fangs, fist pumped as always <3

Then it was raffle time, so after I thanked everyone profusely while lisping, the winner was drawn. Good on ya Niggle - first ticket sold on the night!

Black Chrome - Squeal! They have always played a superb show at every Deathpunkfest and this was no exception. Got one photo of them on my phone, but spent most of their set cockblocking some dick who kept trying to get on the stage. Skatie and I make a great roller derby team of two (with Craig as ref hehe).

Then Nigel Von Toxic got up and they did New Rose. Scream! Still spazzing over that one. Will have to spend another summer jumping around to that song in the shed until we get to see them next year.

Loved the whole weekend, fucking loved the bands, love my Turbojugend, they're the fucking best.

So there.

More pics up at

Some other reviews - 

Thanks Craig and Ben :)

This was the 5th Deathpunkfest... and one of the best so far. I'm pretty keen on doing another five. 

Tags: roadgoth, turbojugend
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