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I'm still here

This is the first time I've posted in here all year!
Oh dear, that's no good.
Tawhai and I have the silliest conversations before sleepy time.

He was teasing me about being fat, pointing at my stomach and giggling. I replied that that was pure food digesting muscle! One large one. Haha. 
He said that you can't be fat and hot, so I was therefore, not hot.
My comeback was that I was so, soo, soo hot! I was sweating just before, dude! So you can be fat and hot! Ha!

Then he asked why no-one was gonna marry me if I was so hot. 

Well, duh, it's cos I got a smart mouth! People don't like that.
Then I showed him what having a smart mouth meant, which basically involved me lying on the bed, with middle fingers extended and saying FANGU! (cute way of saying FUCK YOU!)  loudly. 

eg."oh yeah, hey baby, doancha worry about yo son, who needs him" *lifts middle fingers* FANGU! 
"I really think you need to do this with your life, Melanie, blither blither blither"  *lifts middle fingers* FANGU! 
"Oh baby, you just need a man in your life"  *lifts middle fingers* FANGU!!!

You get the idea. Who needs that crap? We don't. We're fine by ourselves.
And, my baby boy, that's how we will live happily ever after.

There was much giggling to be had and then we watched Star Wars. 

In other news! Collapse )

So that's us for another week! Stay tuned for more thrilling updates from the life and times of Melanie and Tawhai... 


Late night update:

  • Our watercress dinner was grand, thank you, it should make a great breakfast lunch and dinner til Friday;
  • I scored a paid commission job designing and printing shirts and have started drawing a logo up already;
  • I'm unliking pages on FB that post pictures of dead cats and/or moan about Asians;
  • Zoe Saldana is FUCKING AWESOME in Columbiana;
  • I have been experimenting with making polymer clay skulls, and they are the ugliest lil things ever. Prepare for jokes about my Fine Arts degree in Sculpture. That only I will probably find funny.
  • I am thinking about entering a toy painting charity thing in Oz
  • I didn't win lotto last week
  • I didn't win Big Wednesday last week either;
  • This has put me off buying lottery tickets (again) for a while
  • I think about food a lot.
  • But not as much as I think about BEER!
  • I would love to have some beer right now.
  • Tawhai is awesome. 
  • It's GOTHTOBER so am thinking we will have a Halloween Party. With Tawhai, food and maybe even beer!
  • This was meant to be a Facebook status update but it got too long and I hate those long status updates on Facebook.
  • I get Rosario Dawson and Zoe Saldana confused in a melting pot of awesomeness.
  • I never really know how to end these bullet point updates
  • There have been no drama llamas here recently, I am glad. 
  • Tawhai is awesome.
  • I think I might go sit on the couch now
  • Goodnight and Boomshanka
  • :D


Things we've done lately

  • Stayed home because Tawhai has a cold
  • Had people over to visit
  • Went to see Batman 3 again
  • Taken Tawhai to his 3rd acting class
  • I was bitten by one of the cats
  • Almost finished a poster
  • Watched the Olympics
  • Cancelled Deathpunkfest forever
  • Gone on a "goat hunt"
  • Had another stall at Gizzy's Little Craft Market
  • Made and sold hairclips
  • Obsessed over Batman
  • Listened to lots of Motorhead
  • Had lots of fun and giggled heaps
  • Sung songs together
  • Eaten lots of nice dinners together
  • Made up stories about the cats
I think that covers the last few weeks. :)

I think I'm going completely batty!


I've got to piss off to the doctor soon, so I'm not starting any mahi, otherwise I'll make myself late by getting into the 'zone'.  But I can bash out a quick update.

We saw 'The Dark Knight Rises' on Friday evening. And OMG I LOVED IT!! I haven't liked the new Batmans much, but it wasn't until after I saw the new Spiderman that I twigged. These new superheroes are meant to be serious. And serious seems to mean emo these days. For years my favourite Batman movie was 'Batman Returns'... even now I still watch it. 
So once I got over this new 'seriousness' of the characters, I sat down and watched Batman Begins and The Dark Knight again. And really enjoyed it.  Then going to see Dark Knight Rises... 

Spoiler!Collapse )

I think I'm gonna take Tawhai back to see it again this weekend!  

I hope everyone in LJ land are happy and healthy. :)


One of those posts

I'm just going to do the 'sheet bay, I haven't posted here for a while' posts, so we can all sigh and move on and then I can write some more stuff.

In another post. 


Mauri Ora!


Ida Rd in yellow

Ida Rd in yellow
Originally uploaded by Aotearoa666

I love following my boy home from school. And taking photos. There were a few on my phone so I uploaded them here.

On Friday we celebrated a whole week at school! Hooray! We went to McDonalds for dinner (he chose the place!). It was ace.

On Thursday I watched the first school practice for their end of term breakup. It was really cool, I enjoy watching the kids perform. Yes, it does bring back memories of doing that myself, at the very same school. Except this time they have a hall to do it in.

In other awesome news, the new Turbonegro album was released this week. I love it.


Showered, Fed and Ready for Bed

Do you remember how I mentioned Tawhai's sore throat? Well, it slowly got worse and took over his asthma. I gave him some prednisone at 4.30pm on Sunday 3 June. When I realised I was giving him his reliever pumps every half hour, I packed a bag and we went to hospital at 11pm. The doctors managed to get him stable in the Emergency Department, but after we moved him to the ward, he went downhill again.  This included vomiting, which he never never does.

The interesting thing is that they don't treat asthmatics with nebulisers anymore, but administer salbutamol with spacers. If it's needed, they'll hook him up with humidified (warmed) oxygen. But nebs just push cold air into the lungs, and as we all know, cold is bad news for asthmatics. 

He was on the oxygen all night, with the nurses giving him spacers every 20 minutes, then gradually stretching it out.  With all those steroids in his system, he had a case of the Ventolin Shakes. He wasn't eating or talking much. He didn't really recover until 11am on Monday.  Here he is, Monday evening, on the Play Station in the children's ward. 

Hospital Monday night 4 June 2012

We spent Monday night in hospital, and he had a good sleep. So we were allowed home the next day. He still had that cough, so I kept him out of school until I thought he was well enough to go. 

The doctors will say 'keep him at home for two more days' but I usually don't agree with that, haha. He may get the doctors' pass to go back to school, but not the Mummy one! If I send him back to school too soon, he'll just pick up another virus and get even sicker. 

So we had a quiet week (punctuated by a wonderful visit by the whanau from South Auckland on Transit of Venus Day), and a quiet weekend. I've been concentrating on trying to get him to eat more. He's a little boy, so he doesn't need to eat a lot, but when he's only eating half of what he usually does, I know it's the asthma. The best way to get him to eat, is to feed him what he likes. Something is better than nothing at all. So if he wants pies and hotdogs and mini-pizzas, he gets pies and hotdogs and mini-pizzas.  I can't get him to eat the pies I make, yet! Haha. 

The 'mini-pizza's' I make are basically glorified cheese on toast. Barbeque Sauce, slice of ham, topped with cheese on toasted wheatmeal bread. Cut into triangles. Because we love triangles. They are aesthetically pleasing. He can eat 4 slices (of bread) on a good day. 

So, we were at home together on Transit of Venus Day. We watched it together with our special glasses. I'm pretty glad last week worked out like that. I'd loosely planned to go to Tolaga Bay, to hang around and watch it up there. But I didn't care in the end, because it was something I wanted to do with Tawhai. And I did. Yay!  I found it exhilarating, and I feel lucky for being able to watch it in my lifetime. 

The rest of last week passed quietly. I had a meeting on Thursday afternoon, yelled at a kid for throwing half a brick at the house.  Watched Tawhai play Batman. Drew and painted a bit.
Tawhai's mate came over for a play on Saturday afternoon. And stayed for tea. That was lovely, Tawhai really enjoyed that. 

By Sunday he looked all good to head back to school. And he started back yesterday.  We had an appointment with the paediatrician, Dr. Grant. We have those twice a year. He told me that Tawhai is too old to grow out of his asthma. He will probably always need a puffer now. That came as no surprise - his father still uses one, as do I.  
Tawhai's chest is lovely and clear, and he is back to his old self. Singing along to the music I listen to, chatting a lot, telling me stories about Batman. Laughing at my Christian Bale impersonations. And various other silly voices I have in my repertoire. I love making him laugh. 

He's back at school again, today. This week I am looking forward to watching the practice for the play his class are doing. It's about the trip to Waipiro Bay earlier this year. 



6/6/12 Transit of Venus day!!

It's all finished on this side of the world. I got a few good hours worth of viewing in, and saw the little black dot as it edged across the sun.  I got to share those moments with Tawhai, too. <3

I explained to him that Tane made the sun, the planets and the stars, so watching them move across they sky is like watching our older cousins move across the dance floor.  Haha. Not sure what he will make of that one.

It felt so good to feel the heat of the sun on my face too (don't worry, we had proper solar glasses on) as I stared directly into it. Bit of a midday Dawnrazor moment. Hehe.

The clouds closed in by 3pm, so then it was time to get back to throwing paint at a canvas. Thankfully the canvas did not throw it back at me! 

I was just checking out this archive of the ingress of Venus (viewed from the Northern Hemisphere, Venus moves across the top, whereas in the Southern Hemisphere, we see Venus at the bottom).

This is a wonderful mihi to the planet

"Tērā Kōpū ka mahuta ake te pae.
He rau mahara, he rau tangata kua riro ki tawhiti.
Tēnei koe te rere nei hei hoa mō Tamanui.
Nau mai, haere hei tohu ki te ao.
Rā mai huauri, rā mai huatea ki Te Puhi o Te Karaka.
E horahia atu rā ko Te Kaharoa e.
Hao ana i te ika, hao ana he tangata.
Hei mana ki uta, hei mana ki tai.
Te tahuaroa o Ūawanui".

from Te Ara o Kōpū ki Uawa 2012