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I think I'm going completely batty!


I've got to piss off to the doctor soon, so I'm not starting any mahi, otherwise I'll make myself late by getting into the 'zone'.  But I can bash out a quick update.

We saw 'The Dark Knight Rises' on Friday evening. And OMG I LOVED IT!! I haven't liked the new Batmans much, but it wasn't until after I saw the new Spiderman that I twigged. These new superheroes are meant to be serious. And serious seems to mean emo these days. For years my favourite Batman movie was 'Batman Returns'... even now I still watch it. 
So once I got over this new 'seriousness' of the characters, I sat down and watched Batman Begins and The Dark Knight again. And really enjoyed it.  Then going to see Dark Knight Rises... 

I was just so stoked that Batman and Catwoman end up together. Maybe I like cheesey endings, but they never did in Batman Returns and that always made me saaaad. Hahaha. 

Catwoman is probably one of THE most important comic/pop culture icons to me personally. Right from Julie Newmar, Eartha Kitt, to Pfeiffer and Berry. I think Anne Hathaway did her justice. I guess it helps that I already liked Hathaway as an actress.  Right from the start in the movie theatre, as soon as she appears onscreen, I was all like FUCK YEAH SHE ROCKS! and I liked her anti-capitalist comments too. 

There are still some chuckles in the last film, which kinda helps to lighten the tone a bit. 

I think I'm gonna take Tawhai back to see it again this weekend!  

I hope everyone in LJ land are happy and healthy. :)

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