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'The rain never flattens my hair....'

You know how people advise each other to fake it till you make it? Pretend that you're happy and happiness will eventually arrive, like some long badge you thought you'd lost but found under a piece of furniture?

I'm wondering if the same can be applied to this holiday weekend. I know there have been rumblings of changing this holiday weekend to Matariki instead of Queen's Birthday.  
I don't like celebrating the Queen's birthday, unless that Queen is, of course, me.

I decided a while ago that I would celebrate Matariki instead.
That is the heliacal rising of the Pleiades, which occurs this month. It is a time of great feasting and celebrations. Also known as Māori New Year.

So I'll look to the stars instead of some aging parasite who represents a foreign class system.

Happy Matariki weekend, everyone! 
Don't forget there's a lunar eclipse going on, as well as the Transit of Venus this Wednesday.

Long live the new Republic of Aotearoa! Annette Sykes for President!


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Jun. 3rd, 2012 08:52 pm (UTC)
I don't feel like I'm celebrating the Queen. I feel like I'm taking advantage of her to get an extra sleep in ;)

Our Kindy usually celebrates Matariki. Haven't heard anything about it though this year so might have ask. I agree that this would be a much more fitting and logical celebration for us.
Ahh political dinosaurs too afraid to cut mummy's purse strings, even though mummy's milk dried up a century or more ago.

Is there anyway we can be a republic without the word republic? Rather then be the *wank wank* Republic of New Zealand, could we just be New Zealand?
The term Republic just seems trite. Like some label that marks you as usurpers or something irrelevant.
Jun. 4th, 2012 09:29 am (UTC)
The Peoples' Commisserat? I got that one off Andy.
Te Whenua o Aotearoa is the Māori translation for republic. I like that a lot. </p>


( 2 ngā kōrero — Kōrero mai )